Co-founder /
From April 2020 to present
Petroica is an experienced digital marketing and design company. My primary role @Petroica is to make startups and companies rise and shine by helping their market analysis, competitor search, and content creation. Also, I create their social media marketing strategy and support them in launching and growing their businesses through strategic digital marketing.
DIgItal MarketIng SpecIalIst / Lexyom Digital Law Firm (project-baseD)
From July 2020 to September 2020
Lexyom is an online platform providing its users with smart legal answers and tailored legal services using artificial intelligence. Lexyom is also using natural language processing, capitalizing on its deep knowledge in law to render the legal vocabulary into a friendly crowd accessible language.
· Prepared competitor and market search
· Published online ads and measured their success
· Created social media contents
· Prepared audience data, web site statistics, and social media statistics
· Created new strategies for growth by using data
· Made ideal customers list
CEO Offıce - Specıalıst / OPLOG Operatıonal Logıstıcs Inc.
From August 2019 to April 2020
OPLOG was selected as the fastest-growing technology company in Turkey by Deloitte. I worked closely with the company's CEO.
· Built new business strategies for the company's latest products and services; shaped the upcoming projects and strategies
· Led the improvements process on a new SaaS product based on e-commerce
· Got demos from tools and involving company's meetings
· Led OPLOG's The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) projects
Marketing Operations:
· Built new marketing strategies and created brand approaches for the company's latest SaaS product.
· Used Google Analytics, Facebook Business, and Semrush to get data for making improvements on our products and websites.
· Followed last market trends and created market search reports.
· Published Facebook and Instagram ads; assisted basic SEO improvements.

Accelerator Programs and DIGıtal MarketIng SpecIalIst / Growth Circuit Investor & Accelerator Office 
From January 2019 to April 2019
· Created content and managed social media accounts
· Organized events
· Communicated with startups on behalf of GC
· Strategized approaches to increase awareness about the Accelerator Program
· Found startups to invest
@Growth Circuit CoZone Coworking Space :
· Created content and managed social media accounts
· Organized events
· Liaised with an agency to prepare an advertisement
· Influenced the development of the corporate web site and mobile app
· Outlined strategies for sales and marketing

BusIness Development and EntrepreneurshIp Intern / Viveka Incubation Center 
From May 2018 to December 2018
· Researched for data and statistics
· Prepared social impact and SROI reports
· Developed content for the web site
· Produced articles and presentations about the circular economy and social enterprises
· Attended mentorship sessions
· Learned new terms and methods about startups, investments, entrepreneurship ecosystem.
· Found alternative products for zero waste movement
· Wrote policy papers about new entrepreneurship program for TÜBİTAK

From January 2017 to April 2017
· Researched for data and statistics
· Wrote papers
· Prepared charts about issues
· Took notes during department meetings
· Prepared presentations
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