Organization Team Lead / UX'minimal Ankara - İzmir, TURKEY
From November 2018 to March 2020
UX’minimal Team intends to raise awareness about UX & UI and to try to build a community about UX & UI. We created podcasts, blogs, meetups regularly. I led the organization team.
Writer / Turkey
From July 2018 to April 2019
Wrote articles about entrepreneurship and leadership. I made some SEO improvements, and for five words, these blog writings have the top place in Google search!
Corporate Marketing Director / University4Society, TURKEY
From October 2017 to  July 2020
University4Society is an event that brings designers, programmers, and business developers together. Participants try to create innovative technological solutions for problems, and they get support during this process from mentors. Today, U4S is the biggest entrepreneurship network in Turkey. I started as a university representative; then, I was promoted to a regional representative. Then I become a Corporate Marketing Director, and I built new relations between companies and the U4S.

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