I have three years of experience with startups, also content creation, and social media marketing. Also, I attended and organized about 100 events and worked as a mentor, speaker, and instructor for young entrepreneurs. Additionally, I have an investment office and startup accelerator background, which is why I know about landing pages, pitches, and competitor searches more. My medium page has 800-900 visitors in a month. Plus, I have 50+ blog posts, and some of my posts are published on several websites. In two years, my blog posts got 550k organic views in total. After making some SEO improvements, these blog writings have the top place in Google search for three words

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Finally, If you want to work with an experienced digital marketing and design company, here you go! I am also a co-founder at petroica.co

If we are learning, we must apply.

If we are learning, we must share.

If we are learning, we must teach.

If we are learning, we must make it meaningful.
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