I am Gamze Aluç

I do Growth Marketing Social Media Content Creation Online Ads Market Search

I am a metric-driven growth marketer with a passion for SaaS business and a proven track record of success in driving engagement and revenue for 6 years.
I know how to market SaaS and related services, even challenging ones. I always focus on landing page optimization, competitor and market search, demand and lead generation, target customer segments, and growth tactics through metrics.
Of course, as a T-shape growth marketer, my skills include social media marketing, community management, content writing, and online advertising.
From my time working with investment offices to SaaS businesses from different countries, I experienced a lot.
Plus, I attended and organized about 100 events. I worked as a mentor, speaker, and instructor for young entrepreneurs. In two years, my blog posts got 600k organic views in total.
It's time for you to shine. Let's put a sparkle on your business together! hi@gamzealuc.com

Some of My Blogs

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It's time for you to shine.
Let's put a sparkle on your business together.

Are you ready for a long-term success story? Let's be teammates, then.

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