I am Gamze Aluç

I do Growth Marketing Social Media Content Creation Landing Page Online Ads Market Search

I have experience with growth strategies and digital marketing.

Also, I attended and organized about 100 events and worked as a mentor, speaker, and instructor for young entrepreneurs.

Additionally, I have an investment office and startup accelerator background, which is why I know much about landing pages, pitches, competitor searches, and communities.

In two years, my blog posts got 600k organic views in total. After making some SEO improvements, these blog writings have the top place in Google searches, even for three words.

Some of My Blogs

Overcoming Silos in Departments
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War Between The Three Music Platforms: Tidal, Spotify, and YouTube Music
A Little Review About Why "The Social Dilemma" is Important
Girişiminizi Sunarken Dikkat Etmeniz Gerekenler
Why Minimalism is a Better Way of Life

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